Heroes Made

When you think about it, over the last two years, no one has helped the Pakatan Rakyat cause than Barisan Nasional. It seems that with almost every more BN makes, more people appear to voice support for PR, even if the foundations of that pact were initially unsteady.

In conjunction with the ISA releases, here’s a brief list of what and who I feel were made heroes by the (oftentimes) heavy-handed action of BN/Umno:

  1. “Makkal Shakti!” – became the rallying cry that bridge ethnic groups, thanks to the outlawing of Hindraf and the ISA arrests of its top leadership; I have never witnessed a Malaysian General Elections like the March 8th 12GE, where people talked about how people from all ethnic groups cried out Makkal Shakti, flew Pas flags, and wore PKR/DAP hats without fear.
  2. BERSIH – the continued perceived association/collaboration of Elections Commission-BN resulted in a tidalwave of yellow at the end of 2007, which made it very ok to vote another way.
  3. A.B.U. – Anything But Umno/Asalkan Bukan Umno – Dr M’s animosity towards Pak Lah also helped many more Malaysians to turn the tide away from BN, and this term, ABU, was seen in graffiti throughout KL, a reminder that initially many were voting simply to oppose Umno.
  4. Nizar Jamaluddin – from an unknown entity who was the most qualified ADUN to lead the Dewan to one of the most celebrated national personalities, no one helped boost Nizar’s popularity more than Zambry Abd Kadir, the BN/Umno ‘replacement’ MP. Nizar’s recent win (with an increase in majority) in Bukit Gantang proved that BN’s popularity was somewhat waning, although analysis of where and how Nizar won (mainly still in urban areas, and the non-Malay vote went up to nearly 80% in some locations) is a cause for concern for PR.
  5. Speaker Sivakumar – His defiance towards BN/Umno Perak post-coup d’etat, and his adamance on May 7th to never budge from his seat until he was dragged out by all those Special Branch officers, has in more than one way cemented the view that BN has brutally steamrolled its way over the hearts and minds of the Perak rakyat.
  6. Uthayakumar – not willing to sign a release form under the ISA (one of the conditions were that he’d never step into Seremban, his hometown, again), he was released yesterday and was embraced by his supporters like a messiah risen.

The danger with heroes is that they’re only heroes until they do nothing good heh! So, to all the above, with the popularity advantage, time to make hay while the sun shines!


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