Nizar MB Perak!

Hangat dari Twitter:

limkitsiang judge declares nizar lawful mb.

Check out reports here, and here.

What will Nizar do now? (4:30pm update: According to a twitter entry by edgemy & TheNutGraph, Nizar is on his way to Ipoh to see the Sultan to call for fresh elections.)

4.35pm update: “However, BN can still retain control of the state if it convenes an emergency state assembly meeting and move a no-confidence motion against Mohammad Nizar.” via Malaysiakini.

Some reactions:

  • im calling Perak thing bluff.. BN needed an escape route, the courts are it. BN probably realised – lose the state now or nation in 3 years.” – a friend, via twitter
  • Conspiracy Theory #375: The courts rule in favour of Nizar to maintain the appearance of judicial impartiality. The palace asks him to take it to the house. The house moves for a vote of no confidence. BN outnumber PR.” – another friend, also via twitter
  • it appears that BN might still punch some holes in PR’s bucket of fun. R Ganesan could call an emergency sitting and call for a vote of no confidence against Nizar. The public relations fall-out from this would be even worse, one might suspect…

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