Najib & the DAP HQ Police Raid

Some time ago, Lim Kit Siang wrote that “(d)arkness descends every day with Najib Razak getting closer to become the next Prime Minister…”

Yesterday, after the first police raid on the DAP Headquarters in its 43-year existence, we see that some kind of darkness has perhaps really overcome the Najib administration. According to Lim, “The police raided the DAP Hqrs without a search warrant.” Is this correct in the eyes of the law? Or is the law to be left out of this? Why the haste? (And a different form of the same question – How come so fast? –  can be leveled at the prompt turn-around in the Court of Appeals, vis-a-vis Zambry vs Nizar.)

What precedents has yesterday evening’s raid set? An explanation, surely, is in order. How should the Malaysian people feel for the police now, without a clarification/explanation for its actions?


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